Please Bear With Me During Remodeling

Because of a recent pharmaceutical spam attack on some of my websites, I am in the midst of moving this blog and to another hosting provider.

These sites will look bad for some time.

I ask for your patience. It will take me a month or more to rebuild both and Chris Orcutt, Writer. Please realize that while doing this I am also editing the next novel in the Dakota Stevens series, editing two short story collections, and writing every day.

I will do all I can not to allow this spam issue to affect my publishing the second Dakota Stevens novel as soon as possible. However, in case I am delayed, you now understand the cause.

Blame the pharmaceutical companies. I am.

Thank you,

Chris Orcutt

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One comment

  1. Bruce says:

    In all fairness, the spam folks are mostly people selling fake pharmaceuticals. The pharma companies tend to concentrate on bigger targets.

    Thanks for the update on the book.

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