The Rich Are Different is Now Available

The second book in the Dakota Stevens Mystery Series by Chris Orcutt, The Rich Are Different, is now available for Kindle on Amazon.

In February, I started re-editing the novel, and five strenuous months later, it’s finally ready. In the last month alone, I went through the manuscript half a dozen times. I wanted it to be as good as I can make it, and now it is.

It’s a better novel than the first one, believe it or not. It’s darker, there’s more character development, and the relationship between Dakota and Svetlana deepens. Dakota isn’t quite as quippy, yet there are still plenty of good lines and comebacks. The important thing is, it’s a true sequel, picking up only a few months after A Real Piece of Work ends. Dakota is depressed, and he’s lost his detecting mojo. Will he get it back and solve the next case?

For details on the plot and what inspired me to write it, visit the book page on this site. Or, if you just want to buy a copy, click here.

I hope you all download a copy of the novel and love it. And if you do love it, please post a positive review on Amazon. Thanks to your support, A Real Piece of Work has garnered over 90 customer 5-star reviews, as well as 5-star reviews from Kindle Book Review and IndieReader. Your purchases, reviews and word-of-mouth advertising directly contributed to the novel’s success, and I’m hoping to continue this trend with The Rich Are Different.

Finally, I want to thank all fans of Dakota & Svetlana who were patient with me while I “got the words right,” as Hemingway put it. I have striven to give you the very best novel I can, and I hope you enjoy it.

—Chris Orcutt



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By Chris Orcutt

Writer — The Dakota Stevens Mystery Series, Short fiction, Plays — Editor & Speechwriter for Hire — Avid Golfer, Chess Player & Awesome Wood-Splitter — Twitter: @chrisorcutt

Comments (5)

  1. Mark Llewellyn July 3, 2012 at 1:59 am

    Hi Chris, I have to say I really enjoyed reading the first in the Dakota Stevens books and was looking forward to buying the Kindle version of The Rich are Different. Sadly it isn’t available to customers outside the US. Can you let me know when it will be available worldwide? I am in New Zealand. Cheers Mark

    • admin July 3, 2012 at 12:27 pm

      I didn’t know about this, Mark, but I will look into it. Which Amazon “store” do you usually buy from so I can inquire as to the book’s status with that particular storefront. Please advise and I’ll try to contact Amazon about this. I apologize for this, although it’s clearly something Amazon is doing because I WANT the book to be buyable by everybody. Get back to me and I’ll look into it. —Chris

      • Mark Llewellyn July 3, 2012 at 7:56 pm

        Hi Chris, thanks so much for your reply. I do hope you can sort this out so that your fans globally will be able to enjoy the new book. Below are the Amazon webpage and also an email from them.

        Cheers Mark

        The web link is:

        And this is an email I received yesterday from Amazon in response to my query:

        I’m writing to follow-up on our recent chat conversation.
        At this time, “The Rich Are Different (The Dakota Stevens Mysteries)” it is not available for Outside US customers. I’m very sorry for this inconvenience.
        Publishers grant eBook rights on a country by country basis. As a result, availability of titles in the Kindle Store can vary based on your country of residence. We are actively working with publishers to increase our selection.
        Customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the service we provide, and we’re glad you took time to write to us. The Kindle Team will carefully review your comments.
        Thanks for your interest in Kindle.
        Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem?
        If yes, please click here:
        If no, please click here:

        Raj R.
        Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.
        To manage your Kindle and content online, visit:

        • admin July 5, 2012 at 2:10 pm


          I’ve checked my settings on Amazon, and the book is available on all of the Amazon outlets I can make it available to. I do know this: If you are outside the US, you cannot buy books from I believe you have to buy it from the Amazon from the country where you reside. I hope this helps. Sorry for the inconvenience.


          • Mark Llewellyn July 5, 2012 at 7:43 pm

            Hi Chris – thanks for your reply. We don’t have an Amazon store here, and I buy all of my Kindle books through, including A Real Piece of Work. This is the only book I’ve had trouble buying, so something else must be wrong. Cheers Mark