A Truth Stranger Than Fiction

Backstory: The Story Behind The Perfect Triple Threat

The idea for The Perfect Triple Threat, a collection of three Dakota Stevens mystery novellas, didn’t come to me all at once. Rather, the book…

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Backstory: The Story Behind A Truth Stranger Than Fiction

WARNING: This entry contains spoilers about the novel A Truth Stranger Than Fiction. Continue reading at your own risk!     Most of my mystery…

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Backstory: The Story Behind the Second Dakota Stevens mystery, The Rich Are Different — Part 2

Last week, in Part 1 of the story behind The Rich Are Different, I described my experiences during 9/11 in Manhattan and the months following, and…

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A Helium-3 and Oil Timeline: Is There a Conspiracy Between the U.S. Government and the Fossil Fuels Industry?

While doing research for my book A Truth Stranger Than Fiction, I found a lot of material on helium-3 and oil, some of which suggested…

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Dakota & Svetlana ARE Going to be a TV Series

I HAVE DECIDED that the adventures of Dakota & Svetlana are going to be a television series.     As I helped a friend with…

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Write to Support Your Writing: A Guest Spot on The Author Biz

Whether you’re an aspiring author or a working journeyman writer, Steve Campbell’s podcast The Author Biz is worth your time and attention. And I’m not saying…

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