Helium-3: Further Reading

TSTF_ebookHello, I’m novelist Chris Orcutt. Chances are, you’ve come to this page after hearing me on my radio interviews. During these interviews, I have talked about the alternative fuel source helium-3, other alternative energy sources, moon mining, fracking, and a possible conspiracy between the U.S. government and the fossil fuels industry to prevent helium-3 innovation.

I have also talked about my latest mystery novel, A Truth Stranger Than Fiction, as well as my other novels. If you’re interested in buying any of my books, please go to my Buy Books page, or click on any of the links above for descriptions and excerpts. Also, feel free to visit any of my social media pages (including Facebook and Twitter) by clicking on the links at the very top or bottom of this page.

As I mention during my interviews, I am not a scientist. I am a novelist, and I’ve written professionally for 25 years—as a novelist, journalist, short story writer, scriptwriter, playwright, technical writer and speechwriter. I originally studied chemistry in college with the intention of becoming a forensic scientist, but later changed my major to philosophy. To learn more about me, check out my About Chris page.

newsweek-pdf-minerIn doing research for A Truth Stranger Than Fiction, I found a lot of material about helium-3 and the other subjects in my novel. Some of that material appears below as PDFs (as well as in two blog entries: 1. a helium-3 and oil timeline, suggesting a possible U.S. government and fossil fuels industry conspiracy; and 2. “Helium-3, Alternative Energy and the China Problem“), so you don’t have to take my word on these subjects as gospel. I encourage you to read this source material for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Orcutt_Homepage_Slideshow_122414.006As a novelist, my job is not to win people over to my way of thinking on a given issue; my job is to raise important questions and start a conversation. And the best, and least threatening, tool I have at my disposal to do this is fiction, presenting these issues in an entertaining and compelling format—something I think I’ve accomplished in all of my novels, but particularly in A Truth Stranger Than Fiction. I hope you enjoy these materials (in descending chronological order) for further reading.

Thank you,

Chris Orcutt


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