He's livin' the dream! Perpetuating Trouble

“I avoided writers very carefully because they can perpetuate trouble as no one else can,” wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald. In this humorous memoir, novelist Chris Orcutt shows how true this is.

Debunking the myths, Orcutt reveals that the writing life is really one of crushing solitude, chronic dissatisfaction, mood swings and self-doubt, and where successes, when they come, are like diner mints–sweet, but short-lived. And everyday life is equally stressful, with callous urologists, curmudgeonly painters, flirtatious receptionists, personal feuds and petty thefts. For the writer, all of this leads to one thing–perpetual trouble.

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“Orcutt’s writing style is lighthearted and conversational…. Whether or not readers agree with Orcutt’s life choices, they are sure to find him a vibrant character and enjoyable writer.”
Kirkus Reviews
“An absolutely fascinating and entertaining read from cover to cover, Orcutt’s Perpetuating Trouble will have particular interest for anyone familiar with (or themselves living) the life of a writer.”
Midwest Book Review