High-thread-count dirty laundry... One Hundred Miles from Manhattan

Welcome to Wellington, NY, an upscale rural community where the hills and the seemingly quaint village conceal lives of love, lust, adultery, tragedy and small wars.

A trophy wife undergoes a shocking transformation. A medical doctor attracts his own destruction. A local bachelor steals a dog and has an epiphany. A town Casanova goes on a personal odyssey to make amends. And a Manhattan book editor reveals what it’s like to be a first-time visitor to this rarefied world of wealth, horses and equestriennes.

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“Think of a very, very upscale Winesburg, Ohio—with no inhabitant nearly so innocent as young George Willard. Or think John Cheever, for this is certainly Cheever country.”
Kirkus Reviews
One of the Best Books of 2014.