The play's the thing... The Ronald And Other Plays

The Ronald And Other Plays includes a full-length political satire and five one-act plays:

The Ronald
The Clean-Shaven Secretary with the Pistol
Dark and Stormy Night
Front Page Above the Fold
Kansas City This is Former Air Force One

*ROYALTY-FREE PERFORMANCE RIGHTS: All of the plays in this collection, including the political satire The Ronald, may be performed royalty-free by amateur theatre companies (high schools, colleges and community theatre groups).

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“Orcutt masterfully captures the cadence and tone of The Donald—I mean, ‘The Ronald’—in what is either a farcical romp through the inner sanctum of a fabulously delusional megalomaniac who hangs out with pizza delivery boys and ancient vampires, or what is simply the most prophetic writing of the past 50 years.”
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