Introducing Dakota Stevens... A Real Piece of Work

Dakota Stevens. A modern New York private eye with the wit and grit of Spenser, the eloquence of Marlowe, and the sleuthing skills of Sherlock Holmes.

With his gorgeous and formidable “Watson”—brilliant chess grandmaster Svetlana Krüsh.

The 1st novel in the Dakota Stevens Mystery Series delves into a world of forged and stolen art, secret identities and murder. In a thrill-ride of a mystery that leads from Manhattan to the Catskills to Washington, D.C., what begins as the simple recovery of a painting soon reveals an international art scam and a chilling secret hidden for decades.


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“This is an extremely well written novel. It has all the elements you would want to find in a book of this genre: plenty of fast action, beautiful women, secret wealth and bravery beyond measure. But the ingredient that makes this a winner for me is definitely Orcutt’s wit.”
Kindle Book Review

“Action, lust, danger, style and witty repartee, Orcutt’s    A Real Piece of Work is a work of art.”