DAKOTA BEGINS... A Study in Crimson

A Study in Crimson, a prequel and the 5th installment in the critically acclaimed Dakota Stevens Mystery Series, shows a younger, devil-may-care Dakota at his charming, witty, and resourceful best.

Dakota Stevens has just thrown off the shackles of the FBI and launched his own private detective agency. But it’s not going well. In short, Dakota Stevens is a hot mess.

Enter the Director of the FBI, who compels Dakota to go undercover at an Ivy League university. His task? To rescue a college coed from the clutches of a Svengali-like sex researcher.

On the case, Dakota meets sexy international chess grandmaster Svetlana Krüsh. Can Dakota navigate a minefield that includes flirtatious coeds, passionate professors, hired thugs, and former FBI colleagues? And, most importantly, can he rescue the girl in time?

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