Dakota in the Old West... The Rich Are Different

Dakota Stevens, the tough and charming New York private eye, returns with his sexy and brilliant associate Svetlana Krüsh in a case that takes them both into the Old West…

This much-anticipated sequel to A Real Piece of Work picks up a few months after that difficult case. A Long Island heiress hires Dakota and Svetlana to investigate her brother’s murder. To hunt down the man’s killer, they must go undercover as actors in a make-believe mining town straight out of 1885.

Like bullets from a Gatling gun, the suspects come fast and furious: eccentric heiresses, greedy CEOs, catty thespians, sexy henchwomen, angry Native Americans, mysterious mobsters, menacing mercenaries, kinky housewives and contract killers.


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“Dakota Stevens is thoroughly likable and appealing with his rich mix of chivalry and clever mischief.”